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Efficiency of Marketing System in Developing Countries

A system of marketing that is efficient by the casual text book definition, it will be a system that has limited practical us in the developing countries for the following reasons: First, the traditional definition focuses on efficiency of a market operation and fails to encompass the efficiency of a marketing system as a whole. […]

Marketing Efficiency: Concept, Types and Indicators

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Concept of Marketing Efficiency 2. Types of Marketing Efficiency 3. Indicators. Concept of Marketing Efficiency: The concept of marketing efficiency is so broad and dynamic that no single definition at present encompasses all of its theoretical and practical implications. Fred Waugh remarked that “an unsophisticated student might […]

Agricultural Marketing in India: Defects and their Remedial Measures

Agricultural Marketing in India: Defects and their Remedial Measures! Main Defects: The position of agricultural marketing sys­tem in India seems to be far from perfect. The ma­jor defects of the system are the following: 1. Lack of Output Quality: Prima facie, the quality of produce is low due to a number of fac­tors: (i) Poor […]

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