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Company Formation in India

Formation of a company involves a number of steps which are required to be taken from the time a business idea originates till the time a company is legally ready to commence business. The stages and steps  involved in the formation of a company are:- 1. Promotion Stage 2. Incorporation Stage 3. Capital Subscription Stage 4. Commencement of Business Stage. [...]

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Characteristics of Company

Everything you need to know about the characteristics of company. A company is a volun­tary association of persons, recognised by law, having a distinctive name, a common seal, formed to carry on business for profit, with capital divisible into transferable shares, limited liability, a corporate body and perpetual succession. An existing company means a company formed and registered under any [...]

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Types of Companies

Everything you need to know about the types and classification of companies. The company is the most effective vehicle yet discovered to manage and control modern business enterprise. Other forms of organisation may outnumber it, but most business is transacted by companies. In fact, the company pervades the economic and social life all over the world, because of so many [...]

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