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Edgeworth Box Diagram | Consumption | Goods | Microeconomics

Edgeworth diagram is divided into two types. The horizontal side of the box measures a fixed total output of good 1 and the vertical side measures a fixed total output of good 2. Individual 1’s consumption of good 1 is measured horizontally from the origin at o1. His/ her consumption of good 2 is vertical […]

The Second Theorem of Welfare Economics | Microeconomics

The second theorem of welfare economics has certain advantages over first theorem of welfare economics. It explains that if all consumers have convex preferences and all firms have convex production possibility sets then Pareto efficient allocation can be achieved. The equilibrium of a complete set of competitive markets are suitable for redistribution of initial endowments. […]

Edge Worth Exchange Theory | Welfare Economics | Microeconomics

The exchange theory is most vital and practical theory in Advanced Microeconomics. Such theory is firstly formulated by F.Y. Edgeworth. He has assumed that there are two individuals and they exchange two commodities with each other. In the market, there are many commodities supplied and many commodities are exchanged. Two individuals bargain with each other […]

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