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Wage Differentials

Wage differentials bear a direct relationship to the diversity in occupation and industries that exist in the economic sphere of activity in a country. A certain job requiring a certain skill is paid more or less than another job requiring a different skill either in the same or some other industry. Wage differential refers to […]

Wage Policy

Everything you need to know about wage policy. The term “Wage Policy” refers to legislation of government action undertaken to regulate the level or structure of wages or both for the purpose of achieving specific objectives of social and economic policy. The social and economic aspects of wage policy are normally inter-related measure inspired by […]

Types of Wages | Labour | Production | Economics

One of the most important and difficult problem of Personnel management is to determine the rate of wages and salaries. Personnel Management has to develop a method of wage payment that may be helpful in controlling the cost of production in establishing a fair and equitable remuneration for all the workers and employees, in motivating […]

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