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Uncertainty in Agriculture: 4 Types

The following points highlight the four main types of uncertainties experienced in agriculture. The types are: 1. Yield uncertainty 2. Price Uncertainty 3. Tenurial Uncertainty 4. Uncertainty with regard to Input Prices/Quality. Type # 1. Yield Uncertainty: In-spite of technical progress, crop yields is still very much dependent on natural factors and hence are highly […]

Top 12 Measures to Deal with Uncertainty | Farm Enterprise

The following points highlight the top twelve measures to be adopted to deal with uncertainty in a farm enterprise. The measures are: 1. Diversification 2. Flexibility 3. Liquidity 4. Capital Rationing 5. Contract Farming 6. Choice of Reliable Enterprise 7. Adoption of Innovative Techniques 8. Discounting for Risk 9. Maintaining Reserves 10. Guaranteed Agricultural Prices […]

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