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Scope of Taxable Capacity: 5 Factors | Taxation

The following points highlight the top five factors determining the scope of taxable capacity. The factors are: 1. Income 2. The rate of taxes 3. The way the resources are used 4. The attitude of the people 5. Special circumstances. Factor # 1. Income: The level of income is no doubt the primary determinant of taxable capacity. But its nature [...]

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Taxable Capacity (With Diagram)

Taxable capacity denotes the extent to which a person can be taxed. However, as government ac­tivities reach progressively high levels, a situation may be encountered in which further increases in expenditures, even if accompanied by comparable or greater increases in taxes, will produce continu­ous inflation. This thesis was popularized by Colin Clark, who has maintained that once expenditures and taxes [...]

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