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Internal Sources of Recruitment

Everything you need to know about internal sources of recruitment. Recruitment is the first step in the staffing process, which identifies the different sources of recruiting and selects the most reliable and suitable source to search the prospective employees and stimulates them to apply for jobs in the organisation. The applications to fill the positions […]

External Sources of Recruitment (With Advantages)

Everything you need to know about external sources of recruitment. If the existing workforce is not sufficient to cater to the future demand of the organization or falling short of the required skill sets or technical know-how, then the management may lookout for personnel from the external sources. It is a fact that the organizations […]

Sources of Foreign Savings | LDCs

In this article we will discuss about the sources of foreign savings. Since most LDCs have low per capita incomes, they are unable to save enough to be able to investment in capital stock such as plant, equipment, machines, structures, etc. So, they are constrained to rely on the savings of other countries to bridge […]

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