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Factors Affecting Promotion Mix

Everything you need to know about the factors affecting promotion mix. A business’s total marketing communications programme is called the “promotional mix”. It consists of a blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations tools. The particular way in which a marketer combines promotional activities is known as promotion mix. Designing a proper […]

Advertising Agencies

Everything you need to know about advertising agencies. An advertising agency is composed of creative and business people – the writers and artists, showmen and market analysts, merchandising and research people, advertising specialists of all sorts. But with all this, they are business people, running an independent business, financially responsible, applying their creative skills to […]

Definitions of Advertising

Everything you need to know about the definitions of advertising. Advertising does not involve only presentation and promotion, but an element of persuasion too. Any advertisement devoid of persuasion is not the part of advertising and will only be considered as a communication link disseminating some piece of information to the masses. W.J. Stanton definition […]

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