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Consumer Decision Making Process

Consumers are seen as rational decision-makers. So, they take a decision when the need arises. There may be different kind of needs; these needs can be functional or psychological. Functional needs are directly related to the functionality of a product and these functions are the features and benefits which differentiate one product from the other. […]

Steps in Control Process

Controlling is the measurement and correction of performance in order to make sure that enterprise objectives and the plans devised to attain them are being accomplished. Control is the last function of management. The controlling function will be unnecessary to the management if other functions of management are performed properly. If there is any imperfection […]

Process of Communication

Everything you need to know about the process of communication. Communication refers to the process by which the information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. Transmitting the sender’s intended meaning is the essence of effective communication. Communication involves two people – a sender and a receiver. One person alone cannot communicate. Communication […]

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