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Types of Leadership

Leadership cannot exist without followers. The characteristics of the followers play a vital role in the exercise of leadership. The behaviour of a leader is based on the maturity levels of the followers. Here, maturity level refers to job enrichness and psychological maturity (motivation) of followers. Thus, the leader has to adopt task behaviour if he has low level maturity [...]

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Selling Process

The selling process is defined as a process by which a salesperson identifies and locates the prospects, separates the prospects from the suspects, approaches them and makes a sales presentation, handles their objections, and closes a sale. Subsequently, he also follows up the existing customers to identify further sales leads, and measures the success and customer satisfaction level of the [...]

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Employee Motivation

Motivation is the most essential part of the work life of an employee. It inspires individuals for putting in their efforts towards the attainment of the organizational goals. The motivational tools should be formulated by taking into consideration the fact that individuals join the organization because they feel that their personal goals would be satisfied by getting associated with the [...]

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