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Features of Planning

Everything you need to know about the features of planning. Planning is the fundamental function of management. All other functions of management like organising, directing, controlling are undertaken after planning. It helps in determining the course of action to the followed for achieving various organisational objectives. A planner foresees opportunities and devises ways and means […]

Marketing Plan

Everything you need to know about marketing plan. Marketing planning is the starting point of any business activity. Planning is deciding at present what is to be done in the future. It involves not only anticipating the consequences of decisions but also predicts the events that are likely to affect the business. The marketing plan […]

Human Resource Planning Process (with steps)

Everything you need to know about HRP: human resource planning process. Human resource planning (HRP) involves developing strategies for acquisition, utilization, improvement and retention of human resources. It takes into account the future organisational objectives and plans, future human resource needs, current human resource position and assure future human resource availability. HRP is a long […]

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