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Job Evaluation

Meaning, Definitions, Objectives, Steps, Methods Advantages and Limitations Job evaluation – which is an accepted tool in the hands of the personnel management for avoiding any inconsistency in job rates and for achieving uniformity in the entire wage structure – is done through certain processes. The process – elements are its components. Job Evaluation is […]

Group Dynamics

Everything you need to know about group dynamics. Dynamics is part of group behaviour. In industrial organisations, there are several groups, for example, group of workers, group of supervisors, group of managers, group of senior executives and trade unions. These are all action oriented teams. The group as well as group behaviour is closely connected […]

Centralisation and Decentralisation of Authority

Centralisation of authority denotes the concentration of authority in a few hands, generally at the top of the organisational hierarchy. Decisions are taken at the top by a few, and communicated down to the lower rungs of the management. That’s means that all operational and policy directions are given by a few at the top […]

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