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Theories of Motivation

During last seven decades many researches were being carried on motivation but they all emphasis that due to complex nature of human beings no generalization is possible. The findings of research studies and theories are not universally applicable. Therefore, it is necessary to have a knowledge about various theories of motivation and how these affect […]

Employee Motivation

Motivation is the most essential part of the work life of an employee. It inspires individuals for putting in their efforts towards the attainment of the organizational goals. The motivational tools should be formulated by taking into consideration the fact that individuals join the organization because they feel that their personal goals would be satisfied […]

How to Motivate Employees?

Motivation is an extension of the word ‘motive’ we can define ‘motive’ as – ‘which makes person active in a particular way.’ It is an inner impulse causing man to action. A person works to satisfy his needs. So the human needs are the causes of action and motivation is processes of causing the man […]

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