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Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the method for achieving maximum market response from initial marketing resources by recognizing differences in the response characteristics of various parts of the market. In this sense market segmentation is the strategy of divide and conquer, i.e., dividing market in order to conquer them. Market segmentation enables the ma rketers to give […]


The term ‘market’ refers to the aggregate of all demand for a particular product or service, arising from the aggregate of all consumers, both existing and potential for the product. It means that the whole group of consumers of a particular product constitutes the ‘market’ for that product. Philip Kotler states, “A market consists of […]

Market Research: Meaning, Definition, Process, Elements, Importance, Objectives

Marketing research is defined as the objective and formal process of systematically obtaining, analyzing and interpreting data for actionable decision making in marketing. This definition lays stress on two aspects, namely, objectivity and systematic process in the collection and analysis of data. In fact, marketing research should not be allowed to be influenced by personal […]

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