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Theories of Motivation

During last seven decades many researches were being carried on motivation but they all emphasis that due to complex nature of human beings no generalization is possible. The findings of research studies and theories are not universally applicable. Therefore, it is necessary to have a knowledge about various theories of motivation and how these affect […]

Multinational Companies or Corporations in India (MNC)

Multinational Company (MNC) is a company whose business operations extend beyond the country in which it has been incorporated. Global enterprises have their head office in one country, but they carry on business operations in other countries, known as host countries. For example, Pepsi and Coca Cola companies are registered in USA, whereas, they operate […]

Objectives of Management

The objectives of management can be studied under the following heads: 1. Organisational Objectives 2. Social Objectives 3. Personal Objectives. Some of the objectives of management are: 1. Survival 2. Profit 3. Growth 4. Quality Products 5. Optimum Utilisation of Resources 6. Discipline and Morale 7. Improving Performance 8. Innovation 9. Development of People 10. […]

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