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Problems of Small Scale Industries

Everything you need to know about the problems faced by small scale industries in India. Small scale industries are industries which produce goods or provide services on a small scale with the help of machines, hired labour and power. Small businesses face various problems because of their small size. They have limited capital for expansion. […]

Challenges Faced by HR Managers in India

Human Resource Management is a pervasive function of management. It is performed by the managers at different levels in the organisation. The proper management of the human factor in industry involves careful handling of the relationships among individuals at work in the undertaking. It consists in maintaining these relations on a basis which enables all […]

Rural Marketing in India

Everything you need to know about rural marketing in India. The rural marketing structure is not uniform in all parts of the country. The type of structure prevalent in a particular State or Region depends on various factors like the state of development of agriculture, condition of transport and communication facilities, purchasing power of population, […]

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