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History of Trade Union in India

Everything you need to know about the history of trade union in India. The trade union movement in India started late, though the industrialization of the country began about 1850. The development of trade unionism has a chequered history and a stormy career in India. It has been the natural outcome of the modern factory […]

History of Indian Currency: 5 Periods

The following points highlight the five well-defined periods in history of Indian currency. The periods are: 1. 1835-1897-The Silver Standard 2. 1898-1917-The Gold Exchange Standard 3. 1917-1927 —The period of Managed Exchange 4. 1927-1931-The Gold Bullion Standard 5. Sep. 1931-1947-The Sterling Exchange Standard. 1. Period of 1835-1879 —The Silver Standard: Before India came under the […]

History of the Paper Currency in India: 3 Periods

The following points highlight the three distinct periods of paper currency in the history of India. The periods are: 1. Paper Currency Prior to 1861 2. Paper Currency between 1861 to 1919 3. Paper Currency after 1919. 1. Paper Currency Prior to 1861: Prior to 1861, the right of note-issue belonged to private banks, there […]

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