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Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Top 9 Factors with Examples

In making a final decision, and indeed throughout the whole decision-making process, consumers are influenced by a wide range of factors, not just those relat­ing to the obvious features of the product. Some of these factors exert a direct, meas­urable influence on buying decisions, whereas others are less tangible and may only suggest patterns of […]

Land in Economics: Notes, Characteristics, Functions, Importance and Productivity

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning and Definition of Land 2. Characteristics of Land 3. Functions 4. Importance 5. Productivity. Notes on Land: The term ‘land’ generally refers to the surface of the earth. But in economics, it includes all that, which is available free of cost from ‘nature’ as a gift […]

Capital Formation in India: Definitions, Process, Factors and Rate | Economics

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Definitions of Capital Formation 2. Process of Capital Formation 3. Factors 4. Rate 5. Reasons for Slow Growth Rate 6. Suggestions. Definitions of Capital Formation: The capital formation actually signifies a very important aspect of economic development. This means making and increasing of more capital goods, such as […]

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