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Quality of Work Life

“Quality of work life is a process (QWL) of work organisations which enables its members at all levels to participate actively and efficiently in shaping the organisation’s environment, methods and outcomes. Quality of Work-Life is a value based process, which is aimed towards meeting the twin goals of enhanced effectiveness of the organisation and improved […]


Promotion means the advancement of an employee to a higher job involving more work, greater responsibility and higher status. It may or may not be associated with the increment in salary. Promotion is one of the best forms of incentives and it provides higher responsibilities, better salary, high morale and job satisfaction to the employees. […]

What is Induction

Induction, also known as orientation, is a process of making the new employee familiar with the work environment and the fellow employees. The new employee can be inducted into the organisation by introducing his job, fellow workers, supervisors and his subordinates. He should be oriented to the new organisation and its policies, rules and regulations. […]

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