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Personality means the constitution of mental as well as the physical health of an individual. Personality may be defined as the characteristic pattern of behaviour that determines an individual's adjustment to the environment or situation. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Personality 2. Meaning of Personality 3. Definitions 4. Concept 5. Nature 6. Characteristics 7. Determinants 8. Stages of Personality Formation [...]

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A grievance is a sign of employee's discontent with job and its nature. The employee has got certain aspirations and expectations which he thinks must be fulfilled by the organisation where he is working. When the organisation fails to satisfy the employee needs, he develops a feeling of discontent or dissatisfaction. According to J.M. Jucius, "A grievance is any discontent [...]

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Employee Compensation

Compensation is an important activity of Human Resource Management (HRM). It plays a significant role for the employee as well as the employer. For the employee, compensation is the main source of livelihood and determines his/her standard of living, status in the society, motivation, loyalty, and pro­ductivity. For the employer, compensation is an instrument of procuring (attracting), maintaining, devel­oping, promoting, [...]

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