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Top 7 Examples of Economic Control

An economic control is said to be established, when restrictions on individual are imposed. An individual can be producer or consumer. The control, thus, restricts the choices of producers and consumers. In other words, that the control can be imposed in a planned economy from the supply side, from the demand side and/or from both […]

Collective Bargaining: Definition, Types, Features and Importance

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Definition of Collective Bargaining 2. Forms of Collective Bargaining 3. Essential Pre-Requisites 4. Main Features 5. Means; 6. Constituents 7. Theories 8. Importance 9. Hindrances 10. Scope 11. Government Policy 12. Advantages 13. Disadvantages. Definition of Collective Bargaining: Industrial disputes between the employee and employer can also […]

Examples of Cost of Production

Examples of cost of production: 1. Sunk Cost and Future Cost 2. Actual Cost 3. Opportunity Cost 4. Explicit Cost 5. Implicit Cost 6. Money Cost and Real Cost 7. Private Cost and Social Cost 8. Selling Cost 9. Overhead Cost. Example # 1. Sunk Cost and Future Cost: Expenditure which has been incurred in […]

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