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Economic Growth of a Country: 4 Factors | Economics

Following are the various factors which affect economic growth of countries: 1. Supply of Land and Other Natural Resources 2. Capital Formation 3. Human Capital 4. Technological Progress and Economic Growth. Factor # 1. Supply of Land and Other Natural Resources: The quantity and quality of natural resources play a vital role in the economic […]

Term Paper on Capital Formation | Economics

Here is a term paper on ‘Capital Formation’. Find paragraphs, long and short term papers on ‘Capital Formation’ especially written for school and college students. Term Paper on Capital Formation Term Paper # 1. Meaning of Capital Formation: Capital formation means the increase in the stock of real capital in a country. In other words, […]

Process of Capital Formation: 3 Stages | Economics

In the modern free-market economy, the process of capital formation consists of the following three stages: 1. An increase in the rate of real savings so that resources that would have been devoted to the production of consumption goods should be released for the purpose of capital formation. 2.  Existence of a good financial system […]

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