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Difference Between Standard Costing and Budgetary Control

Everything you need to know about the difference between standard costing and budgetary control. Budgetary control and standard costing have the common objective of cost control by establishing pre-determined targets. These two techniques are similar in certain respects but differ in respect of other points. Budgetary control is a system of planning and controlling costs. […]

Difference between Partnership Firm and Company (9 Answers)

Everything you need to know about the key differences between a partnership firm and a company. A company is a volun­tary association of persons, recognised by law, having a distinctive name, a common seal, formed to carry on business for profit, with capital divisible into transferable shares, limited liability, a corporate body and perpetual succession. […]

Difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

Everything you need to know about the difference between personnel management and human resource management. There has been a lot of confusion, misconception over the use of the terms ‘HRM’ and ‘PM’. Some are of the view that both HRM and PM are the same; it is just like ‘old wine in new bottle’. Some […]

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