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Techniques & Technology of Production in Developing Countries | Economics

A choice between alternative techniques of production is a major problem in the planning for developing countries. This is because a particular choice of technique of production affects not only the magnitude of employment but also the rate of economic growth. Several alternative techniques of production are available to produce a commodity and these differ […]

Resource Allocation in Developing Countries | Economics

How to allocate investment resources among competing industries or projects is a central issue facing all economies? However, the allocation of resources in developing countries assumes a great significance as capital is very scarce while the needs and aspirations of the people are very large. There is need for investment in agriculture to produce more […]

Alternative Investment Criteria for Resource Allocation | Economics

In this article we will critically examine marginal reinvestment quotient criterion put forward by galenson and leibenstein and growing points criterion. Marginal Reinvestment Quotient Criterion: Marginal reinvestment quotient criterion has been suggested by Galenson and Leibenstein which seeks to maximise investible surplus per worker so that it can be reinvested to maximise rate of growth […]

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