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Centralisation and Decentralisation of Authority

Centralisation of authority denotes the concentration of authority in a few hands, generally at the top of the organisational hierarchy. Decisions are taken at the top by a few, and communicated down to the lower rungs of the management. That’s means that all operational and policy directions are given by a few at the top […]

Elements of Delegation: Meaning, Process and Comparison

Everything you need to know about the elements of delegation. Sharing of work and authority, between a manager and his subordinates, is known as delegation. The process of delegation enables a person to assign work task to his subordinate and give them necessary authority to accomplish it successfully. It helps in completing the work in […]

Delegation of Authority | Functions | Management

Delegation is necessary for an organisation to exist. In practice, many managers fail because of poor delegation. As Harold Koontz has commented: “Just as no one person in an enterprise can do all the tasks necessary for accomplishing a group purpose, so it is impossible, as an enterprise grows, for one person to exercise all […]

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