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Notes on the Chamberlain Commission

The below mentioned article provides a note on the Chamberlain Commission in regard to currency and exchange. The Chamberlain Commission was appointed in 1913 to consider, among other matters, “the measures taken by the Indian Govt. and the Secretary of State for India to maintain the exchange value of the rupee in pursuance of or […]

Sterling Balances in India: Accumulation and Its Nature

In this article we will discuss about the accumulation and nature of sterling balances in India. Accumulation of Sterling Balances: The Principal cause of accumulation was the peculiar method of financing the enormous war expenditure in India of the Allied governments. Whenever they purchased goods and services in India, they made payment in terms of […]

Gold Exports in India

In this article we will discuss about the meaning and causes of gold exports in India. Meaning of Gold Exports: Under the Mughals, India imported gold and Silver on a large scale. This was due to the favourable balance of her trade in those days. The demand for Indian manufactures was keen in the World […]

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