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Effective Communication

Read this article to learn about What is Effective Communication, Characteristics of Effective Communication, Objectives of Effective Communication, Essentials of Effective Communication, Guidelines to Make Communication Effective and more… What is Effective Communication? G. T. Vardaman in his book Effective Communication of Ideas (1970). wrote, ‘effective communication is a purposive symbolic interchange, resulting in workable […]

Non Verbal Communication

Non – verbal communication is the process of conveying a message without the use of words. It can include gestures and facial expressions, tone of voice, timing, posture and where and how the speaker stands. Non-verbal communication occurs mainly through visual symbols and auditory symbols.  For example, the fragrance in a room, the feel of […]

Importance of Business Communication

Everything you need to know about the importance of business communication. We must understand that communication is as essential to business as blood is to the human body.  Importance of Business Communication  In this age of competition, communication is the number one problem of management. Competition, complex methods of production, large scale operations, and specialisation […]

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