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Corporate Communication

Corporate communication refers to a process of communication through which the managers, supervisors and executives exchange their views, opinions, feelings, etc. with the subordinates and employees in any corporate organisation and negotiate with the outside world with a view to fulfilling the objectives of the organisation.  Read this article to learn about –  1. Corporate […]

Barriers to Effective Communication

Communication must be transmitted properly with an aim of achieving a certain purpose. In case it is not being obtained in a way the parties want it, there is every possibility that it is being Mis-communicated. Any sort of Mis-communication leads to confusion or flow like a situation which is called a ‘barrier’ to communication. […]

Communication Skills

Communication with others is more than just transfer of information. Communication means not only transfer of message, but transmission of understanding and ensuring that the receiver understands the same in the same sense and spirit which the sender intends to convey. For improving your communication quality you need to work on developing your communication skills. […]

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