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Definitions of Advertising

Everything you need to know about the definitions of advertising. Advertising does not involve only presentation and promotion, but an element of persuasion too. Any advertisement devoid of persuasion is not the part of advertising and will only be considered as a communication link disseminating some piece of information to the masses. W.J. Stanton definition […]

What are the Different Types of Advertising?

Everything you need to know about the types of advertising. There are many bases on which advertising may be classified. It may be categorised according to media, type of products, type of appeals and so on. There is no streamlined methodology to differentiate different kinds of advertising. Advertisements are a good way for a company […]

Types of Advertising Media

Everything you need to know about the types and classification of advertising media. Advertising is an instrument of marketing which is applied in practice both as a science and an art generated by creative devices. The growth of an advertising process in a socio-economic environment is one of the most significant achievements in contemporary business […]

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